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Makrothen RTTY Contest

Radio contestPosted by Mikael Sun, October 14, 2018 22:29:20

This weekend it was time for the Makroth RTTY Contest. What is different with this contest is mainly two things.

First, the 24-hour contest is divided into three passes each 8 hours with rests between them. The second is that there are no multiples and that there are distances between the stations giving 1 point per kilometer (7 MHz multiplies the score by 1.5 and 3.5 MHz multiplies the score by 2). It's a fun contest and I have been working it every year since 2015. What I would like to change in the future (if I could make a decision) is that a third power class is introduced in the competition, namely QRP - but maybe it will be introduced later.

This year I had a goal to beat my previous results and despite bad conditions, I managed to beat my previous scoring record. My previous record was from the Contest in 2016 with a final result of 511 778 points.

This year I have a raw score of 621 602 points with 249 QSOs and I am pleased with the result because of the bad conditions on the bands.

The map shows the QRA-fields that I have in my logg.

Thanks for a nice contest weekend and I hope to see you soon again on the air.

Best 73's Mikael (SB0A)